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Sedra Albunian for Integrated Supply Services

About Us

Sedra Albunian seeks to introduce a new concept in the contracting sector

which is to provide a combination of integrated services that includes everything you need to complete your project from the idea to the turnkey. We adopt the principle of complementarity and compatibility from design, implementation, to the finishing touches to bring the spirit and common touch to your entire project. Sedra’s staff work in the spirit of one team to integrate your ideas into the luxury of design while giving Gulf touches and Saudi culture in all parts of your project, to provide you with outstanding results that are distinct from life in the Kingdom.

Our Mission

Since our start in the Fit-Out world, we have adopted a major mission that is to be trusted partners for entrepreneurs and project owners for working together to launch their startups in record time, through the completion of all design and implementation work for offices, companies, and stores.

Our Vision

Our vision is based on the enhancement of the Fit-Out sector in Saudi Arabia, as required by the provision of all construction, design, and finishing services in one place, providing our customers with a comfortable experience and satisfactory results.

Sedra Albunian for Building Solutions

Integrated solutions for entrepreneurs

From the idea to launch, we accompany you hand-in-hand in transforming your idea into reality by supporting you in designing your project, in collaboration with the best experts in the business world, to implement it in line with the latest architectural engineering ideas, and at the least initial costs that accompany the start-up process.

Luxury touches for SMEs

We offer our customers of SMEs' owners the advantages of luxurious and stylish designs in all parts of their business, without the need to incur additional expenses.

Implementation of all forms of business and service enterprises

Our team consists of experts in the design and construction of buildings of various forms and sizes, helping you create a space that focuses on your customers and provides them with a unique shopping experience.

Why Sedra Albunian?

End to End Services

Sedra provides you with a unique work experience with integrated work teams, starting with you from idea to final finishes and key delivery

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Various work teams in one place

Sedra offers you a relaxed experience and fast performance through a highly integrated group of specialized teams

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Innovative designs with a Saudi touch

Sedra seeks to integrate the latest interior design and construction orientations with elegant Saudi touches

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One soul and identity

Sedra focuses on bringing out all parts of your business with a common identity, reflected in the consistency and harmony of small details.

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Executive Construction Accelerator for Entrepreneurs

Sedra offers a quick project completion service to help you as an entrepreneur launch your startup in a short time and at affordable cost.

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فريق عمل سدرا البنيان

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Hossam Mohammed

mechanical engineer

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Hossam Mohammed

mechanical engineer

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Ibrahim Mahmoud

structural engineer

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Mohamed Nawar

structural engineer

customer reviews

We do what we love, and our customers love what we do

The company is committed to quality and speed simultaneously, with exceptional services in post-delivery follow-up.

Sedra Albunian also provides a unique construction solutions model based on customer satisfaction and their needs

Eng. Zaher Edres

Project Manager of the "Hessa Al-Rajhi Mosque"

Sedra Albunian has a detail-oriented engineering team and committed project management

highly recommended for excellence!

Eng. Feras Osman

Project Manager

About Us

Sedra Albunian delivers high-quality engineering and construction projects that satisfy all customer needs

Their work speaks for itself !

Eng. Hisham Al-Furaih

Consulting Engineer