Specifications and Standards of The Best Finishing Company in Saudi Arabia

June 18, 2023

khaled Idrees

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ٍٍSedra Albunian is The best finishing company in Saudi Arabia.
Specifications and Standards of The Best Finishing Company in Saudi Arabia

We take pride in Sedra Albunian for our excellence in providing high-quality finishing services, thanks to our specialized team of engineers and experienced consultants in this field, who ensure the efficient execution of tasks.

In this article, we provide you with an overview of our company and the reasons that make us one of the best finishing company in Saudi Arabia that matches finishing services. We introduce you to our services and their advantages, and finally, we provide you with the most important tips that help you choose the best finishing company that meets your needs.

How to Choose The Best Finishing Company in KSA for Your Project

To ensure that your project comes out in the best possible shape and creates the impression you want for your clients, make sure to accomplish the final finishing touches in a professional manner that is no less than your competitors, especially with the rapid developments in the Kingdom. 

In this paragraph, you will read the most essential tips that you can use when choosing a finishing company from our long experience in this field in the Saudi market:

  • Check the company’s portfolio and gallery of works to familiarize yourself with the nature of the projects it is implementing.
  • Make sure of the company’s experience and keeping up with new technologies in the field of finishing work and having a specialized team capable of providing the quality you are looking for.
  • Get to know the prices before choosing the company. Cost is often a challenge that the client faces when choosing a company. First, determine your budget, then choose the company that suits you.
  • Choose a company that uses high-quality materials in its finishing works to get long-lasting results and save you the burden of repairs later.
  • Ensure there is an engineer to supervise the finishing works and monitor what is being carried out, to correct any mistakes. Having an engineer saves you time and money later.

What distinguishes us at Sedra Albunian and makes us the best company in understanding your needs and your project requirements in Saudi Arabia is that you can find everything mentioned due to our keenness to provide the best for you and all our clients inside and outside the Kingdom.

Features of Sedra Albunian as The Best Company that Matches Finishing Services in Saudi Arabia – Riyadh

  • A multi-disciplinary engineering team with extensive experience in various types of finishing work.
  • Long experience in implementing many finishing projects for various facilities and institutions, from residential buildings and villas to restaurants and hotels within the Kingdom.
  • Achieving harmony and balance between the design and implementation processes, and transferring the idea from plans to reality with high accuracy and distinctive quality.
  • Attention to detail, as details, make all the difference and give a place its identity; therefore, we deliver your project in the best possible way.
  • Gaining the trust of customers due to commitment to delivering projects on time.

There is no doubt that Sedra Albunian outperforms its competitors in the Saudi market, and it leads its competitors as the best finishing company in Saudi Arabia in terms of achieving customer satisfaction and achieving the highest degree of match in service implementation.

Why is Sedra Albunian  the best finishing company in Saudi Arabia
Specifications and Standards of The Best Finishing Company in Saudi Arabia

Sedra Albunian’s Finishing Services in Saudi Arabia

Interior Finishes:

At Sedra, we provide all types of plaster and painting works, electrical and plumbing installations, wall and floor cladding, as well as lighting solutions. These finishing works are categorized into seven types:

1- No finishing: The building is delivered as a structure with block walls only, without any finishing works This is an ideal option if you prefer to handle all finishing works on your own.
2- Semi-finishing: In this type, basic plaster and electrical and plumbing installations, as well as carpentry works for doors, are carried out.
3- Full finishing: Also known as commercial finishing, this type uses low-quality finishing materials. In full finishing, all finishing works are carried out, and the building is delivered ready for its intended purpose.
4- Deluxe finishing: Different from full finishing (commercial), deluxe finishing uses higher quality materials, such as first-class ceramic. It is highly recommended if you are looking for affordability in prices and longer-lasting results, and this is what we provide at Sedra Al-Bunyan for all customers looking for an economical solution.
5- Super deluxe finishing: This finishing type has higher quality than its predecessor, and includes engraving and gypsum works, as well as installation of insulation for floors and walls. At Sedra Al-Bunyan, we provide it in its best form, through the work of our skilled team and experts who execute the interior design with accuracy, producing a unique piece of art.
6- Ultra deluxe finishing: This finishing type is characterized by luxury and sophistication, and is relatively expensive. It uses the finest types of marble or porcelain, as well as the best types of paint for wall coating, and the finest types of wood to give the place its elegance and luxury. Our quality experts have the talent to select the best materials needed for decoration works, in addition to the skill and precision in the execution process, so that we can match the real image.
7- Deluxe finishing: One of the most expensive finishing options in terms of price. The place is fully completed with luxury and perfection, and its quality rivals that of world-class apartment finishing. It is known for its unique decorations and multi-layered ceiling designs, as well as its windows and doors made from the finest types of aluminum and natural wood. We are fully aware of the required specifications for materials, installation processes, and execution to achieve the desired quality at this level.

Specifications and Standards of The Best Finishing Company in Saudi Arabia

Exterior finishes 

They refer to the completion of the external facades of a building and is a challenging task as it reflects the client’s personal taste through its execution with harmony and smoothness.
Here are the most common exterior finishes in Saudi Arabia:
1- Finishing with natural and artificial stones: This gives the building a unique identity and a rural calm feel. It is characterized by the use of stones that are resistant to humidity and high temperatures, making it suitable for use inside the building as well. At Sedarat Al-Binyan, we offer several design and execution proposals for stone decorations with expert skills in assembly and installation to achieve the desired vision.
2- Finishing with bricks: A Western classic touch that makes you feel close and familiar with the place. Bricks used for finishing are different from ordinary bricks in that they are integrated with decorative materials to give differences in colour and texture, making them the best resistance to chemical materials for a stone facade. At Sedarat Al-Binyan, we offer diverse options at reasonable prices and suitable quality, with a guarantee of engineering accuracy during facade installation.
3- Finishing with glass: Glass facades for buildings give an impression of modernity and contemporary style, which is difficult to achieve with other types of finishes. It requires choosing the appropriate location in the building with a unique view that allows sunlight to enter and gives warmth to the place. The demand for these types of finishes is increasing due to their association with companies. Although it requires a high degree of caution and precision in its implementation, it is a distinctive feature of our team, which is keen on reassuring our clients and ensuring their safety.
4. Wood finishing: Wood finishing combines simplicity and elegance. If you are someone who seeks creative touches and cares about sustainable and long-lasting designs, wood finishing is the ideal solution for you. 

Our team at Sedra helps you achieve the desired quality in a manner that allows you to take advantage of all its benefits, such as sound insulation, thermal insulation, and wall durability, thanks to the extensive experience gained in implementing hundreds of different projects.

All of your interior and exterior finishing needs can be achieved with Sedra Albunian Company and our expert team in this field, with the highest level of professionalism, accuracy, and match.

Specifications and Standards of The Best Finishing Company in Saudi Arabia

Finishing Services Depending on the Type of Project

We offer a variety of finishing services tailored to the type of project, including:
Restaurant and café finishing services: At Sedra,, we recognize the intense competition among restaurant and café owners in the kingdom to attract the largest number of customers. Therefore, we focus not only on offering the best foods but also on creating a unique experience for customers through the place itself. We highlight every detail through high-precision finishing operations that give each part of the place its unique character that reflects clearly on the customer’s experience.
Office and company finishing services: Our team carefully considers the impact of finishing works on productivity rates, customer satisfaction, and their interest, covering all aspects of the project to provide you with the perfect result that meets your expectations.
Exhibition and store finishing services: We help you determine your needs for designing your exhibition or store from the first meeting through our team of experts who determine the most suitable budget and finishing materials for the longest possible period.
Villa and palace finishing services: Our team offers the best finishing services for villas and palaces due to their vast experience and keeping up with the latest technologies used in the finishing field. This kind of finishing work requires specialist expertise due to the large space, and with Sedra, you can achieve excellence and luxury simultaneously.

Specifications and Standards of The Best Finishing Company in Saudi Arabia

Contact us and Give Your Project the Excellence It Deserves 

If you are looking for high-quality and distinctive finishing, Sedra is the best choice for you. We excel in more than just design differences, our team focuses on innovation and excellence in providing ideal finishing services that suit all tastes and needs.

We understand that planning the perfect finishing is a great challenge, and we are ready to take on this challenge with you. Contact us and speak to our team of experts to achieve a distinguished and unique project that meets your aspirations and reflects your entire lifestyle!