How to Choose the Best Decor Company for your Project?

February 1, 2023

khaled Idrees

مهندس تطوير حلول

Increasing customers’ ambitions to design projects that combine the making advantage of the place and maintaining the aesthetic and elegance touch, the need for interior design and decor companies has grown.

In this article, we review the most important services and projects offered by Sedra ALbunian, which is one of interior design and décor companies in Saudi Arabia, highlighting the differences between interior décor and interior design, and finally answering the most frequent questions that you may have asked earlier.

Interior Design & Decor Companies in Saudi Arabia

Services of Interior Design & Decor Company

The majority of interior design and décor companies offer all services related to this sector; they seek to achieve the ultimate goal of getting the optimal aesthetic building and saving a client’s effort and time by getting all the services he is looking for in one place.

Any interior design company or interior decor gives priority to providing integrated creative solutions that suit customers’ tastes. It focuses on the safety of the equipment, preparation of the building designs, creation of beautiful worlds with comfort and tranquility, analysis of the customer’s needs, the distribution of furniture and the provision of all aesthetic touches of the place.

What’s the Difference Between Interior Design and Decor?

Interior design and decoration share artistic sense, creativity. However, contrary to popular belief, fundamental differences are helpful to highlight, so you can determine which one is best suited to you.

Interior Design is intended to decorate the interior spaces by planning and designing them in a way that ensures the safety and aesthetic of the building and pays attention to creating a comfortable atmosphere for the client at the same time.

Decor, on the other hand,  is an art that is characterized by innovation and creation and mainly focuses on a place’s aesthetic to bring the optimal beautiful touch to the place.

How to Choose the Best Interior Design Company for your Project?

Thanks to the Internet, there are many choices and large numbers of interior design and decor companies within your reach, so making a decision about the best company for your project has become somewhat confusing and difficult.

At Sedra, we give you some 

sugestions and tips that you can use when choosing a design and interior decor company for your project. 

  • Search for companies,  their services, and their clients’ reviews.
  • Make sure the company is easy to communicate with customers and has good client service.
  • Order the company’s portfolio and recognize  their designs and costs.
  • Choose a company that is trustworthy relating to the execution and delivery of projects.
  • Look for experience and a professional reputation in the market.
  • Take into account if the company follows up with its clients on post-delivery services.

Sedra Albunian  is One of the Best Interior Design and Decor Companies in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia:

  • Sedra recognizes the importance of details to make a difference, so it has a team of experts and specialists.
  • Sedra seeks to understand the client’s needs and requirements from the beginning. When you communicate with us, our team is keen to collect all the information necessary to analyze the project’s needs and choose the best solutions that comply fully with quality and budget requirements.
  • Sedra has a great experience in interior design and decoration for apartments, restaurants, hotels, and others.
  • Sedra adheres to the deadline of projects, knowing that 65% of its projects were delivered on time and 20% before the scheduled delivery date.
  • Sedra realizes the importance of the connection between interior design and decoration as a visual identity manifestation of the building, so we focus on all the details to get the best result.
  • ٍSedra believes that the place is an overall client experience, so we are keen to provide him with comfort by balancing the interior design and decoration to combine the high aesthetic touches with the distinct place function.

Types of Albunian’s Decor Services

Serdra’s decor services are varied to cover all kinds of decorations and finishes., responding to its client’s tastes and desires.

It  offers 4 types of decors as follows:

  1. Cement Decor

Cement decorations are one of the types of decor services that we offer and are wholly made according to the client’s taste and desire.

Sedra’s architects and decorators implement this kind of decorations with high professionalism that gives the building a classic character with a personal touch of a client.

It includes the facades, the window frame, doors, and even small decorations such as plant basins that occupy rooms and small spaces giving a place special beauty.

  1. Wooden Decor:

Wooden decorations are the best and easiest solution when you think about hiding the imperfections of the walls or anywhere else. They are also flexible, durable, easily installed, and the optimal solution for tiny spaces at the same time. 

Sedra Company offers wood decoration services such as wood flooring, wood ceilings, wood wall, small wooden decorations within rooms, and other decoration services you may need or think about.

If you are interested in wooden decorations, Sedra provides you with beauty, elegance, and luxury through its expert team that implements the wooden decorations for any space you want, exploits optimally any space, coming up with the best results.

3. Gypsum Decor

Gypsum Board decorations are one of the most common types of decor for achieving aesthetic purposes, or hiding existing defects owing to its low cost compared to other kinds of decor.

Sedra offers all kinds of Gypsum Board decorating for ceilings, bedroom walls, kitchens, halls, and area partition walls.

4. Stone Decor

Sedra Company keeps pace with trends in the field of decorations, finishes, and interiors designs to meet your desire. Stone decor is the most popular and highly demanded in the interior design projects.

The Sedra team offers you various kinds of stone decorations such as stone textured, brick wallpaper, and 3D stone decorations. You just need to choose the type and positioning of decor so that our team executes and delivers the project to you with the best result.

Sedra Projects 

We offer a diversity of projects in the field of decoration and interior design, Over the past years, we have implemented many different projects in various areas, as described below:

  1. Interior Design and Decor  for Administrative Offices

When implementing projects for administrative offices, our team takes into account a number of points by agreeing and continuously communicating with a client. 

We care about tiny details such  prividing space sizes so that staff and visitors can easily move between offices, choosing decorations, colors and furniture to give a sense of comfort, as well as coordinating all these details in line with the office’s job.

  1. Interior Design and Decor for Corporate Entrances

Make sure your project is in the right place because our team which consists of experts in interior design and decorations knows what matters when designing corporate entrances. 

Our company is keen to understand your needs, and then find the best ways to give you the best.

We design the entrance to your company in a professional and elegant way  that  reflects  the sense of comfort and confidence; we take care of the right space of the building as well as using colors and decorations in line with the spirit of the company

  1. Interior Design and Decor for Gymnasiums and Sports Clubs

We take into account the nature of our project so that the result meets your desire and that of visitors. 

When designing gymnasiums and sports clubs, we seek to choose colors giving a sense of enthusiasm and comfort, and designs with wide spaces where everyone could easily move between the equipment and places, enjoying privacy and  comfort.

  1. Interior Design and Decor  for Restaurants and Cafes

When executing an interior design and decor project for any restaurant or café, we prioritize its visitors, offering them an unforgettable experience.

We take care of the details of the entrance, the quality of furniture, and the distribution and organisation of tables so that they will feel a sense of belonging and comfort to stay for a long time; we also choose the décor and design to suit the surroundings of your restaurant and cafe to eventually get your visitors a memorable experience.

  1. Interior Design and Decor for Shops

What does a consumer want when entering a shop? Sedra helps you design and decore your shop to suit your taste and that of your visitors. 

Our team chooses a design that exploits all the space and optimizes it in a way that results in the best distribution of shelves, giving the customer a sense of luxury and confidence and encouraging him to buy.

  1. Interior Design and Decor for Kindergarten Classes

Our team offers the best interiors and decorations that suit your child and keep him safe in an atmosphere of play and fun;  they also make sure to choose your child-friendly furniture, so you have no worries about him.

Because the child loves to play, we choose designs that help him play comfortably surrounded by childish colors and decorations giving a sense of pleasure and joy.

Why do  You Really Need an Interior Design Company in Saudi Arabia?

Assigning an interior design project to a specialized company is undoubtedly critical if you’re looking for optimal results. Not only do you achieve excellent results, but you also save effort and money in that the company helps you allocate a budget, and conceptualize the materials or budget-friendly designs based on its deep knowledge of the market.

FAQs on Interior Design and Decor  Companies

  1. What is the Interior  Design and Decor  Office?

This Office executes all tasks related to interior design by architects and decorators, starting from the preparation of schemes based on the safety-and-security-related requirements, best exploiting the spaces, and completing appropriate interiors.

  1. Is There a Difference between the Office and the Company for Interior Design and Decor Services?

No fundamental difference; it is only on the volume of services provided. Otherwise, both of them provide all services related to interior design and decorations.

However, the office has fewer employees including specialist engineers and assistants providing particular services within a certain geographical area, taking into account the Office’s capabilities and staff.

In contrast, companies such as Sedra Albunian have several branches within the Kingdom, so it can reach wider sectors and segments and  provide a  wide range of services, larger projects as a result of having the budget and integrated work team.

  1. Who is the Interior Designer?

The interior designer is the mastermind and the coordinator of the work who bridges the gap between the decorator and the technician. 

In other words,  he is the person responsible for planning and designing the workflow, studying all aspects required for safety and security, and meeting the client’s needs and preferences.

To conclude, there are many choices in the field of design and interior décor, but Sedra Albunian is one of the best companies in Saudi Arabia with its specialized team that is able to give you the best experience keeping pace with your ambition, meeting your needs, and bringing beauty and elegance to your project.

Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries and visit our portfolio for projects and all available services.