FitOut Schedule: Key to Timely Opening

January 25, 2024

Opening a new restaurant is an exhilarating venture but can be complex and challenging. One of the crucial steps to ensuring the success of such an establishment is a meticulously planned FitOut schedule. This article delves into the importance of each phase in a Restaurant FitOut Schedule, discussing how strategic planning and execution can make or break the timely opening of “Once Upon a Bite.

The Anatomy of a Restaurant FitOut Schedule 

Demolition (Day —-) 

Demolition marks the beginning of the transformation. It’s dismantling existing structures and interiors to make way for new designs. For “Once Upon a Bite,”  a four-day demolition phase is critical to ensure that the subsequent FitOut stages have a clean slate to begin work. This phase must be completed swiftly to prevent delays in the overall schedule.

MEP Preparation (Day —-) 

MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing – the lifeblood of any restaurant’s functionality. These eight days for “Once Upon a Bite” are about installing essential services, from kitchen equipment to lighting and washroom facilities. The duration indicates the complexity and the need for precision in this phase, as it involves multiple specialists.

Data Room (Day —-) 

A two-day focus on the data room suggests the establishment’s commitment to modernity, with state-of-the-art POS systems and digital ordering platforms. This short but critical period ensures seamless technology integration and supports operational efficiency.

Ceiling, Walls, and Flooring (Day ——) 

Ceilings, walls, and flooring are pivotal elements that define a restaurant’s ambiance. “Once Upon a Bite” dedicates five days to ceilings, five to walls, and three to flooring, signifying the importance of aesthetics and durability in creating the desired dining experience.

Façade Decoration (Day ——-) 

The restaurant’s exterior is its first handshake with potential customers. Six days of crafting a welcoming and attractive façade for “Once Upon a Bite” reflects a commitment to making a solid first impression.

Signage and Counters (Day ——-) 

Signage is not just a brand identifier but also a lure for foot traffic, while counters are vital operational elements. Allocating three days for each underscores their roles in both marketing and functionality.

Furniture and Lighting Fixtures (Day ——-) 

Furniture selection and placement take ten days, emphasizing comfort and layout optimization. Lighting fixtures, allocated two days, are crucial in setting the mood and functionality of the space.

Cleaning and Final HandOver (Day ———) 

The final two days involve thorough cleaning and the official handover of the site. This phase ensures “Once Upon a Bite” is pristine and ready for operation.

Finally, The Restaurant FitOut Schedule for “Once Upon a Bite” is a testament to the detailed and complex nature of opening a restaurant. Each phase is a building block toward creating an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional space. Adhering to this schedule is vital for the timely and successful launch of the establishment.

The Anatomy of a Restaurant FitOut Schedule
FitOut Schedule: Key to Timely Opening


How important is sticking to a FitOut schedule for a restaurant opening?

Adherence to a FitOut schedule is critical. Delays can lead to cost overruns and missed opportunities, impacting the restaurant’s opening and profitability.

What are the risks of failing to complete the MEP preparation on time?

Incomplete MEP preparations can lead to operational issues, affecting everything from kitchen safety to customer comfort.

Why does furniture selection take the longest in the FitOut process?

Furniture selection is vital to customer comfort and interior aesthetics. It requires time to ensure the choices reflect the restaurant’s theme and are practical.

 Is the final handover just about cleaning? 

No, the final handover includes a thorough cleaning, a final inspection to ensure all work is completed to specifications, and addressing any last-minute adjustments.