Clubs and gyms

Thoughtful distribution during design and construction with easy-to-clean materials

Clubs and gyms

Sedra Albunian focuses on the type and nature of a project in terms of the decore, furniture, raw materials, and even the chart of the project. Your gym calls for great care in design, construction and finishes, including choose the best easy-to-clean raw materials for continuous use, as well as interior design that offers smooth movement inside the gym and ensures you take full advantage of the space.

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Larger gym-goer spaces

Most gymgoers suffer from the tight places in which they exercise, making them look for a better alternative, so Sedra is keen to design several models for your club construction scheme, then choose the best one to execute, creating a comfortable experience for the gymgoers.

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Flexibility and Ease of Movement

Clients collision or friction is the worst thing that happens in clubs and gyms as a result of poor planning and implementation, so Sedra's team ensures that your clients’requirements are met to achieve their ease of movement through careful planning, depending on the experience, and the improvements we have made from our previous projects.

Integrated Club

Sedra gives you the advantage of integrating all corners of the club or gym by designing and implementing an integrated and consistent visual identity for all parts of the building, reflecting the aesthetic and elegance that suits your clients.

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Resistant and Easy-to-Clean Raw Materials

Because we know that frequent use leads to rapid consumption, we select high-shock-and-wear-resistant raw materials which are easy to clean and replace to achieve long-term economic efficiency and ensure that your club will not be disrupted for any reason.

Thoughtful Distribution of Sports Equipment

The proper distribution of sports equipment inside the club is the last touch your club needs, so we provide you with an accurate diagram of the best position for the sports equipment. Our interior design experts collaborate with your training experts to place similar equipment in common places to provide the best and the easiest experience for gymgoers.

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