Fit-Out Service

We turn your ideas into reality by providing all your project needs in one place.

Fit-Out Service

Professional construction and aesthetic design depend on the complementarity and harmony of all contracting services. Sedra Albaniun provides you with end-to-end fit-out service and executes all the finishing works required, adhering to the professional performance and consistency of all stages of the work to give you an integrated project with one spirit and one identity.
“Our work is not limited to providing a service, we also build a successful partnership with you to provide the best implementation and construction services meeting your project needs and your clients.”

One Place for Project Needs

Sedra adopts the essence of fit-out, giving your project its unique identity and exquisite consistency fulling with life and interaction between all its parts, and providing you with maximum comfort by limiting coordination and executing in only one entity from scratch to turnkey.

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Transparency in Executing Project

We apply the highest standards of transparency throughout the project execution, allowing you to be fully aware of the workflow. We also ensure that you get the ideal result you want by doing the required adjustments during the execution period.

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Customized Solutions for a Project

We work in coordination with you throughout the project to create customized solutions for your project, based on your needs, goals, organization culture, business strategies, and the type and needs of your clients; we offer various design scenarios for decorations and building shapes to choose from.

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Turning Dreams into Reality

Sedra helps you transform your idea into a reality. We adopt creativity as a working approach and execute your project within a clear act framework in which the designs match the implementation mechanism on the ground.


Sedra pledges to provide all the expertise, equipment, and raw materials throughout the work to provide you with the best experience and help you get rid of all the burdens faced by entrepreneurs during the construction and fitting-out period. So if you are looking for end-to-end service for your project, Sedra is the best. You can review our portfolio to be sure of the quality and nature of our works. Contact us for free consultation to help you implement and improve your project

Sedra Albunian clients

Corporate Offices

Conference Rooms and Theatres

Clubs and gyms

Restaurants and Cafes

Exhibitions and Retailers

Related Projects


Architectural works including finishes of walls, ceiling, and floors in addition to electrical and mechanical works.
Address: Tamkeen Tower, Al-Yasmin, Riyadh
SIZE: 935 m2


Storages and workshops finishes in addition to the exhibition and offices.
LOCATION: JCB located in Khobar


Architectural works including finishes of walls, ceiling, and floors of mosque, villas, palace, koranic school and services.
LOCATION: Al-Qairawan, Riyadh
SIZE: 6000 m2, accommodating 2500 prayer


Architectural, landscape works and building management system. Architectural works including finishes of walls, ceiling, and floor.
LOCATION: As Saadah, Riyadh
SIZE: 2 basements, ground floor and 6 typical floors, almost 1000 m2 area for each floor


The Factory Furniture is a furniture exhibition consists of ground and mezzanine floor.
LOCATION: Khobar, Buraida, Khamees Mushait.
SIZE: more than 3000 m2


Karaz Linen specializes in toiletries, bedrooms, bedspreads and some home decorations.

LOCATION: Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Taif, Dammam, Dhahran, Hofuf, Tabuk.

SIZE: We have worked on 12 branches in differentcities, with an area of more than 3000 m2.

If you are looking for design and implementation service with integrated processing and finishing for your project, you are in the right place.

You can view previous projects, to be sure of the quality and nature of our work. Contact us for a free consultation that will help you implement and improve your project

Kingdom of Riyad, Northern Ring Road, before Exit 6, Square Complex 6 – Floor 2

+966 11 237 6146

The company is committed to quality and speed simultaneously, with exceptional services in post-delivery follow-up.

Sedra Albunian also provides a unique construction solutions model based on customer satisfaction and their needs

Eng. Zaher Edres

Project Manager of the "Hessa Al-Rajhi Mosque"

Sedra Albunian has a detail-oriented engineering team and committed project management

highly recommended for excellence!

Eng. Feras Osman

Project Manager

Sedra Albunian delivers high-quality engineering and construction projects that satisfy all customer needs

Their work speaks for itself !

Eng. Hisham Al-Furaih

Consulting Engineer